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Harry is reportedly really sick- leaning on the rails, backstage a lot, etc (all rumors).


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Let us all remember that this happened. Perfection. 

"You keep showing up in places that
aren’t just my poems.
I found you in my grocery list
when I bought your favorite kind of beer
and I found you in my car radio
when the song you always hum came on.
I find you in between my movie collection
and on the shelves near my books.
I even found you when I decided to wear
that button up and sweater combination
that you thought I looked cute in.
But I’m always surprised to find you
in bed, sleepy eyed, soft voiced,
and still finding me to be the best
to share the pillow with."

Alex Dang! (via wordsoftakumi)
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And the saddest fear comes creeping in: that she never loved me, or her, or anyone, or anything

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Anonymous: omg that vine of harry and louis i legit shrieked

i shrieked and haven’t stopped shrieking tbh!!!!!!!!!!

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Artist: UnknownAshlee Simpson
Title: UnknownPieces of Me
Album: UnknownAutobiography


Pieces of Me | Ashlee Simpson
From the album Autobiography (2004)

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