Anonymous: what fic was that that you were quoting from last night? i think i recognize it but i'm not sure!

I’m on my phone so I can’t link you right now, but i answered an ask that linked to it last night ❤️ it’s by mediaville and becka and it’s called “promise not to stop when I say when”

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@Harry_Styles: Upside down for what.


Laughing Stock Farms

Harry is sprawled on the bed in nothing but his pants, worn, faded Calvin Kleins riding low on his hips, looking like everything Louis ever remembers wanting.

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Anonymous: my fave part of that fic (apart from the hot ass sex and feelings~) is the part where they're in the kitchen and harry just goes into that 'i'm gonna flirt with you and idgaf' mode and tells louis that he always looks good and louis' like....ok thx bud and tries to keep it cool even though they're both blushing. it's a subtle thing but it's so great and everytime mediaville posts new h/l fic i immediately start my countdown where i patiently wait till she posts her next one lol she's amazing

ugh god!!! yes!!! there are honestly sooo many little things that make me want to scream and die, like this nightmare of a line that made me get up and pour myself a glass of water which i seriously considered dumping over my own face: “Louis knows perfectly well how Harry can seem out of reach, even when he’s right there in your hands.”

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