autumn in southern indiana by timstreetphoto

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J.A. Redmerski, The Edge of Never

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so ummmmm these are all the songs credited to mick greenberg on ascap…something is fishy ha???



when you click on all the songs ‘mick greenberg’ is associated with harry’s name comes up instead of his and visa versa sometimes im so confused??

Anonymous: out of all the unreleased songs we know about i wanna hear 'you still have my heart (but you don't deserve it)' and the unrequited love song he wrote with kodaline. i mean i want every song he's written but pining harry is my fave so those stand out to me

sometimes i look at all the titles of songs he’s written and stare wistfully into the distance thinking about when/if we’ll ever hear them and what they might sound like

louis referencing natasha bedingfield’s 'these words' at niall after his proclamation to the crowd (pointed out by loupiter), 28/09/14

Artist: UnknownR1 Breakfast Show
Title: Unknown'One of them came on your nighttime quite a bit, didn't they?'
Album: Unknown


It’s a little known fact that One Direction actually got their start on Nick’s nighttime show with other unknown artists such as Kanye and Jay Z. Also ‘Steal My Girl’ is the track of the day and the clip Niall and ‘Liam’ sent in brings back the LadsFM classic - “Which Direction?” (30.09.2014)

'I thought it was someone pretending to be Niall, and I was like “Can you stop messing around, Harry, and put me on to Niall!” and it actually was Niall…'

agonyandagony replied to your post: anonymous said:girl he didn’t wri…


ngl it gave me flashbacks of you know what

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The boys wouldn’t let him tell a joke - 28/09

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you don’t even need to type in the band name

everyone knows

Plot twist. If you change it to “that one photo shoot from 2012” or 2013 and 2014 for that matter, it still gives you one direction photo shoots. No one cares about anyone else’s photo shoots apparently. Just One Direction.

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