Artist: UnknownOne Direction
Title: UnknownBack For You
Album: Unknown


Back For You - One Direction

Baby, you don’t have to worry
I’ll be coming back for you


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in case you haven’t had enough of my face today, my bangs and i just got into a Thing

Harry riding his motorcycle in Brentwood. July 22, 2014 

Harry riding his motorcycle in Brentwood - July 22, 2014 


things that could happen the day 1d comes to town

  • you are in the front row at the concert and harry looks into your eyes and calls you pretty; you are so used to this because of your NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL FACE that you just smile bashfully and wave EVER SO SLIGHTLY at him; a bodyguard hands you harry’s phone number on a piece of paper and after your initial text to him, you receive dick pics from harry for the next two years
  • you walk into a dive bar with harry styles; he wears a FLANNEL and RIPPED JEANS and a WIDE BRIMMED HAT and holes himself up in the corner with you to touch hands over garbage beer; he smiles as you drunkenly karaoke sing “WMYB” at the top of your lungs and then touches your thigh under the table afterwards because he is secretly VERY CHARMED by how you are actually a human garbage can and he furrows his brow and whispers “I’VE NEVER MET SOMEONE LIKE YOU BEFORE, YOU’RE SO CAREFREE”; he buys you a strawberita pounder
  • you go backstage to meet everyone because your rich producer father knows someone who knows someone and you say something VERY FUNNY and VERY CHARMING to each boy while wearing a $4,000 coat and you effortlessly make everyone LAUGH; harry agrees to follow you on twitter and says “there’s just something about you” as you modestly bat your lush (but effortless) eyelashes at him; “was great to meet you! *bukowski quote*” harry will later tweet at you; you screenshot it and thousands of fans wonder who you are; you smile mysteriously and shake your naturally shiny head of hair
  • you meet harry on the street and he is so enamored by your SMILE and SPARKLING EYES and CASUAL H&M CLOTHES that he presses his hotel room number into your hand on a torn piece of paper from his journal; he breathes “MEET ME, GORGEOUS” into your delicate and attractive ear; when you make your way upstairs to his ELEGANT YET UNDERSTATED hotel room, he already has champagne open, which he pours straight into your mouth; after BONING YOU ROUGHLY (BUT NOT TOO ROUGHLY), he FALLS ASLEEP on your chest with his SWEATY FARMER CURLS stuck to your skin
  • harry looks at you at the concert, well maybe it’s you, maybe it’s the group behind you, maybe you imagined the whole thing, but in any case you faint onto the ground and never get up again [most plausible]